Launched Questionnaire++

By July 30, 2018 No Comments

Our state of the art new product Questionnaire++ is available now. Questionnaire++ is our custom solution that allows any Archer Questionnaire to be sent directly to any user inside or outside your organization using their email address. They do not need to have an RSA Archer® account, or access to your Archer instance to respond. All they need is an internet connection (even a PC is optional – they can respond to simple questionnaires right from their mobile devices!). Once the responses are submitted, they magically appear within your RSA Archer® questionnaire within a matter of minutes – even the attachments uploaded by the responder are automatically transferred to your Archer instance! Your team can now focus on more important task of analyzing and acting on the information instead of pulling that data into Archer. Since you are working completely within an RSA Archer® questionnaire, you can fully benefit from all flexibility and features present in the tool.