In Archer®’s automated world, gathering questionnaires and assessment responses from external users continues to be a partially manual process at best, resulting in significant overheads and inefficient use of your valuable resources.


For organizations seeking questionnaire responses from external responders such as third parties, there are limited options:

  • Setup costly and robust hardware for a dedicated external instance
  • Develop expensive custom code to build static forms
  • Use direct mapping / single instance potentially compromising security by giving direct access, or
  • Leverage reverse proxy and bear the licensing cost for external users accessing internal archer instance.

Questionnaire++ is our custom solution that allows any Archer Questionnaire to be sent directly to any user inside or outside your organization using their email address. They do not need to have an Archer® account, or access to your Archer instance to respond. All they need is an internet connection (even a PC is optional – they can respond to simple questionnaires right from their mobile devices!). Once the responses are submitted, they magically appear within your Archer® questionnaire within a matter of minutes – even the attachments uploaded by the responder are automatically transferred to your Archer instance! Your team can now focus on more important task of analyzing and acting on the information instead of pulling that data into Archer. Since you are working completely within an Archer® questionnaire, you can fully benefit from all flexibility and features present in the tool.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Cost Effective a fraction of the cost of maintaining custom code and/or robust hardware
  • Archer® Compatible Leverage full feature set of Archer® to fully customize questionnaire workflow and your business process
  • Flexible Questionnaire Format Add or remove questions as often as you like – just plan for outstanding responses when modifying a questionnaire
  • Automatically Import Attachments Directly capture required documentation from responders to your Archer® questionnaire
  • End to end automation Save precious time and money by fully automating the assessment process along with your customized business process within Archer®
  • Capture ‘wet’ signatures Gather electronic signature from responders on completed assessments from within Archer® with our SignArcher product
  • Full audit trail complete audit log of changes made to Archer® questionnaire using native History Log fields

Additional Information

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