Intelligent Decision Making Through Sustainable Risk Management Framework


Successful implementation of a GRC program depends on resources that capitalize on past experience combined with the vision of your organization. Our information risk management specialists help you leverage the capabilities of Archer®to gain maximum value out of your eGRC Automation investment. Our diverse team of management consultants and technical experts assist you in your eGRC program from planning the Blueprint to implementing Solution Designs. Our proven track record of integrating Archer® with external enterprise systems allows you to get a holistic data-centric view of your eGRC program facilitating intelligent decision making and proactive response to threats.



In Archer®’s automated world, gathering questionnaires++ and assessment responses from external users continues to be a partially manual process at best, resulting in significant overheads and inefficient use of your valuable resources.

Content Globalizer

Support on-demand, user content translation on your Archer® instance creating a truly common language for your Archer® users around the globe!


Archer® has changed the way organizations work beyond recognition through its sophisticated customizable workflow features. However capturing traditional ‘wet’ signatures is an area that has been beyond its reach, at least till now!


Archer®’s Policy Program Management use case provides a flexible framework to manage corporate and regulatory policies. PolicyCentrum provides your organization with an intuitive and configurable hub to make those policies and procedure easily accessible to your employees.


Archer® provides built-in features and GRC API to allow export of data from your Archer® universe, but even with those robust features there is a need to write custom code to derive meaningful subsets of data that maintain their business context.

“ "...brings a sophistication to the development process engaging in high level client conversations designed to solve problems with effective solutions..."”

“ "... deep subject matter expertise (not only with the Archer v4 and v5 front-end, but also the underlying architecture, integration points with other system APIs, and other current technologies) was indispensable to the ultimate success of the project..."”

“"... has a wide array of skills and talents, including a rare combination of great technical skills and personal skills that enables him to excel in many areas..." ”