Archer®’s Policy Program Management use case provides a flexible framework to manage corporate and regulatory policies. PolicyCentrum provides your organization with an intuitive and configurable hub to make those policies and procedure easily accessible to your employees.


Leveraging Archer® allows organizations to effectively manage the entire policy development lifecycle process by utilizing its automated workflow and change management features. However, ensuring compliance with the established policies and procedures requires the right types of distributive mediums to your audience in the most appropriate format. Ensuring your employees know where to look for their policies, and presenting the policies to them in an easy to read format makes the policy compliance function significantly more efficient.

PolicyCentrum allows your organization to make all the policies available on a central intranet location in a format consistent with your corporate branding. Policies can be viewed on laptops, handhelds and mobile devices making the content readily available to your employee base.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Central Policy Repository provide your corporate intranet portal to effectively communicate all published policies with your employees
  • Simple Format the policies are rendered in your corporate branding as simple human readable documents
  • Up-To-Date Information Through real-time rendering of policy content from Archer®, employees always view the latest approved policies without the need to update the content manually
  • Multi Device Compatibility Display content on multiple internet browsers and devices like desktop computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Real Time Policies Translation (optional) Translate Archer® content in real time to over 100 languages without having to recreate content in multiple languages
  • Track Policy Attestations (optional) Leverage SignArcher to capture employee policy attestations and track attestation results in Archer®

Additional Information

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