Archer® provides built-in features and GRC API to allow export of data from your Archer® universe, but even with those robust features there is a need to write custom code to derive meaningful subsets of data that maintain their business context.


With the SmartPublisher tool you can pick and choose your desired data sets that will automatically be published to the a database target on a schedule of your choosing. Your Archer® administrators can continue to enhance your environment without any impact to your export jobs, so your upstream applications continue to receive the data they need without the need for complex and time-consuming change requests and script modifications.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Simple & Easy Set up SmartPublisher jobs with easy to use interface
  • Repeatable Create multiple SmartPublisher jobs without the need to involve infrastructure teams, saving yourself precious time and money
  • Continue Enhancements Continue to improve your Archer® configuration without impacting your export jobs
  • No Custom Coding Required Once set up, the SmartPublisher does not require any additional custom coding, so you can allocate your resources on more important tasks

Additional Information

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Demo Video – Smart Publisher

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