Archer® has changed the way organizations work beyond recognition through its sophisticated customizable workflow features. However capturing traditional ‘wet’ signatures is an area that has been beyond its reach, at least till now!


Since time immemorial, our legal documents, NDAs, engagement forms, authorization forms and the like have been using handwritten signatures. However the traditional paper-based world is finally taking a back seat to the digital world.

For organizations seeking to embed e-Sign capabilities in any part of their Archer® business processes, SignArcher is an easy way to facilitate electronic exchange of contracts, authorization forms and signed documents. With our proprietary solution, your team can now make gathering of signatures a simple and efficient process.

Some of the use cases where you may benefit from SignArcher include:

  • Gathering executive level approvals without need for execs to log into Archer®
  • Questionnaire++ responders attesting to their responses
  • Fully automated Archer® workflows around exchange of legal documents such as:
    • Contract / NDA signatures
    • Policy Attestations
    • Remediation Plan approvals
    • Exception Request approvals

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Cost Effective no need for paper documents requiring printing, filing, mailing or faxing
  • Efficient no time lost while documents are delivered, signed and returned
  • Secure Handwritten signatures can be forged or altered, or hand-signed document lost or misplaced; SignArcher uses technology that meets the industry’s most rigorous security certification standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available
  • End to end automation fully automate the signature and approval process within your workflows, saving valuable time and money
  • Digital audit trail complete digital audit trails including signing parties’ names, digital signatures, email address, public IP addresses and more

Additional Information

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Demo Video – SignArcher

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