As a critical component of your governance, risk and compliance program, RSA Archer Threat Management delivers the tools you need to analyze and refine threat data, automatically notify responsible personnel and proactively address threats before they impact your business.

Benefits of Threat Management

  • Centralize content from a commercial threat feed provider or threat advisories received via email into a searchable, standards-compliant database.
  • Populate and enhance threat data with information from your own research, analysis or internal requirements.
  • Consolidate, analyze and react to vulnerability and malicious code warnings.
  • Automatically notify personnel who are responsible for threat management so they can proactively address emerging threats.
  • Integrate data from the Archer Enterprise Management solution to prioritize the implementation of patches or workarounds based on the business criticality of a technology asset.
  • Integrate with vulnerability scanning devices and patch management solutions to centralize data, identify issues and track vulnerability remediation status on an asset-by-asset basis.
  • Create remediation plans that relate multiple vulnerability alerts and scan results, and track actual and estimated remediation costs and timeframes.
  • Produce real-time reports and dashboards to view threats by technology, severity, type and impact to your organization and to monitor the overall status of your threat management program.