Powered by the RSA Archer SmartSuite Framework, the Incident Management solution enables you to effectively handle incidents that occur anywhere you do business from detection through analysis and resolution. It allows you to capture organizational events that may escalate into incidents, evaluate incident criticality, and assign response team members based on business impact and regulatory requirements. You can also consolidate response procedures, manage investigations end-to-end, and report on trends, losses, recovery efforts and related incidents.

Benefits of Incident Management

  • Implement access controls down to the field level to protect personal identities and the integrity of confidential incident data.
  • Notify responders and investigators via email when incidents enter their queue for action.
  • Use Archer’s on-demand platform for access to incident data and response procedures no matter where personnel are located.
  • Employ automated task management functionality to track response activities.
  • Document legal and law enforcement involvement in the response process, and track losses and recovery costs.
  • Maintain an incident history and audit trail with the capability to track each version of an incident record throughout its lifecycle.
  • Understand the relationships of incidents to business units, information assets, facilities, vendors, risks, financial loss events and your business continuity program through seamless integration with Archer’s full GRC solution suite.