The execution of audit-related activities are improved significantly by employing RSA Archer Audit Management, data, and processes without the limitations of manual or stand-alone approaches. Through this module, you can transform paper-based documentation into a dynamic audit program, enhance the focus and efficiency of audits, perform risk-based scoping of the audit universe, and easily integrate with other enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) processes.

Benefits of Audit Management

  • Streamlined Audit Approach – Centralization of audit documentation and processes, and correlation of audit workpapers with evidence, observations, and remediation efforts in a single, access-controlled solution
  • Significant Efficiencies – The ability to share information across departments, repurpose audit procedures, automate workflow and findings generation, and utilize data captured.
  • Rollup Reporting – The ability to roll up audit status and results to business processes, facilities, third parties, applications, stakeholders and other auditable entities